Student Week Day Fun

2 hours : 370$ / kid or student 3 hours : 500$ / kid or student Minimum 12 people
  • 2 or 3 hours coaching and games
  • Online photo report
working days only

You can’t rely on weather in taiwan, Hot like hell during summer, raining cats and dogs during typhoon, freezing during winter… Not easy to plan an activities for student who need to use their energy. Fortunatly Lazertreks is the answer! As we are indoor you don’t need to worry about the weather anymore!

This event will last for 2 hours and usually contains 4 to 6 rounds of individual or team game amongst our 8 different game types.

One or more of our coach will guide your group during the 2 hours and maintain high spirit.

Lazertreks is an extra  fun energy consuming activity which  kids realy love!  Laser tag doesn’t requires any special skills and can be enjoyed from 5 years old.


  • This package is not available on week end or holydays.
  • This package is restricted to school and cram school customer.
  • Lazertreks reserves itself the right to refuse this price if the customer is not a school.

Optional Fees

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