Running out of activity for kids in Taipei? We are a new one that will definatly make your kids go crazy!!

The lazertrek activity center enhance and energize your student’s curriculum with safe yet  fun and innovative lazer-tag games! After all what can be more fun for a kid than playing with a lazer gun?

More than just a game, LazerTrek’s packages turn lazer-tag into a learning experience, helping kids build team spirit, a sense of healthy competition, and social skills. In addition, our games help kids learn to plan, execute, and develop response-ability… in short, what kids also need to learn!

Lazertreks propose tailor made packages  for schools, day care and kindergarten. We take picture and put them online so their parents can check what their kids did  today. Don’t hesitate to group up with other bushiban to come. The more kids the more fun (and also the more noise)!

And finally the lazertreks activity center is indoor so you don’t need to worry about the last minute changing weather.