Let’s take a selfie! Photo Contest.

selfy 2 Come check out the new interior and Halloween decoration at Lazertreks, and participate in our photography contest to win an awesome prize! ▼Submission & Voting Period: 10/17 — 11/07 ▼Voting Only Period: 11/08 — 11/14 ★★Prize★★ 1st Prize: Free Lazertreks party for three hours (you can invite up to 50 ppl) 2nd Prize: Free Lazertreks party for two hours (you can invite up to 30 ppl) 3rd Prize: One free Happy Hour game for the winner plus 10 friends *Winners cannot transfer or sell the prize to others. ▼The way of contest: 1. Theme: anything about the interior design of Lazertreks, could be a selfie with friends at Lazertreks or your favorite corner here. One photo per person. 2. Send us your photo via “Messages” on Lazertreks fan page, remember to provide your real name, e-mail, and phone number. (Winners have to provide ID number to verify the identity) 3. We will choose the top three winners according to the number of “Like” on Facebook. Use your creativity and share your photo with friends and family to win the prize! ▼Precautions 1.All entries must be original content and not publicly released version, plagiarism is strictly prohibited, posted, theft or data entries from others. After verification if copyright infringement, Lazertreks will cancel the competition and the winners qualify. 2. Winners copyright owned by the organizer, are not limited to location, time, frequency and manner. Lazertreks and Contestants agree to unconditional use of their works in the electronic media, the Internet, newspapers, magazines and other promotional purposes. 3. If the entries involving violence, pornography, insults, slander or other violations of social moral standards, content of social justice, we have the right to  terminate the competition and the winners qualify. 4. Entries must meet the above requirements, Lazertreks have the right to terminate or cancel the qualification. 5. If there is any rule issue  of this contest,Lazertreks have the right to change and modify. 6. Prizes only can be attended by himself , contestants must follows the rules above.