Student Morning Fun

3 hours: 370NT$ / kid or student Minimum 20 people
  • 3 hours of fun (10:00 – 13:00)
  • Private room
  • Online photo report
working days only

The school morning special package is THE deal for school. This package has been completely optimized for day care and kindergarten needs. lets see what happen in a Lazertreks morning special school.

upon arrival around 10:00 and until you left around 13:00 your student gonna have the blast of the month .

After your arrival we will explain  the safety rules and how to use the equipment (that part kids are usually quiet).

Then they play the first free for all individual game and the astmosphere warms up!  And we announce the best shooters and the craziness start for the next games!!!

Unlike adult, kids never get tired they can play and play and shout and play and shout until our poor ear beg for mercy.

compare to the 2 hours package, the  morning school special tournament include much more games with more rules, more strategy and more fun.

You will hear about lazertreks until night.

And all this is only for 370 per kids!


  • This package is not available on week end or holydays.
  • This package is restricted to school and cram school customer.
  • Lazertreks reserves itself the right to refuse this price if the customer is not a school.

Optional Fees

  • If you bring your own food we will charge a cleaning fee of 50NT$ per guest
  • Extra hour for 150 NT$ per guest
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