Kid’s Birthday party

2 Hours: 500 $/kid Minimum 10 people
  • 2 hours activity
  • VIP room
  • Unlimited ice tea & water
  • 8″ Birthday cake from Florida (+ 1000$)

Make your KID’s BIRTHDAY a MEMORABLE moment!

It is always troublesome to organise your kids birthday party. They put the expectation really high (after all it is only once a year). It requires a place to fit every body and a lot of time to run around to get everything you need. At lazertreks we have been running birthday party for kids for more than 10 years. We can see the same kid come 4 or 5 times in the same year at different birthday, that tells you how much they like it. We provide you everything that can be expected for a birthday party:

  • 2 hours of LASER SHOOTING!
  • A private decorated space able to host 10-60 people
  • Unlimited water and ice tea.
  • Full audio system  where you can play your own music.
  • A cake from florida bakery with the candles (+1000$)

The ambiance and the fun your kid will have with his friends will make that moment like no other.

LOVE, ENERGY, FUN, FRIENDS, CAKE … WHAT could YOUR kid expect more?

  • Tag for 1 more hour for 150 NT$ per person!
  • specials needs: contact us…
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