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Lazertreks activity center is always looking for new teammates. Working in lazertreks is quite different than other companies. As we are a small company with a small team, our employees have to take more initiative and do a much broader range of activities that you would do in a usual job. Working in lazertreks is a great opportunity to learn how to manage a small company. But don’t forget even if lazer tag is fun for our customers, for us it is a job, and the job has to be done. We are currently looking for a sale oriented full time and high spirited part times to host our customers. Conversation level of english required for all positions.

Full time front desk and managing assistant

Lazertreks is looking for and extra full time employee to help us with the front desk and learn how to manage the shop on a day to day basis. Speaking English is required.

Part time group host & team building facilitator

In lazertreks each of our group need a host to ensure our guests the best experience as possible. The host is typical an hyper person who love to talk and do crazy things. The host will explain the rules, joke with the guests, check that they play safely. Speaking english is required as some customer request to has an english speaking host. if you are interested file up the form or call us [contact-form 6 “job application english”]

Lazer-Tag Activity Center in Taipei

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